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Project Description
Managed ADO.Net provider for KDB+ database. is the most powerful open ADO.Net provider for KDB+. It supports ADO.Net provider model and connection pooling. is designed to bridge the gap between the KDB+ column-oriented internal structures and well-known .Net objects such as IDataReader and DataTable.

I'm a .Net developer currently working on a large project that deals with KDB+ db.
Though KDB+ provides a simple .Net provider (at, many other
.Net developers and I are used to various "out of the box" features that ADO.Net provides such as implicit connection pooling, datasets, datareaders etc. There is a great number of nice things in ADO.NET, not to mention LINQ and EF.

These thoughts made me think of implementing an ADO.Net provider for KDB+ to make life easier. I'm aware that it's quiet a decent piece of work,
as such, I gladly invite other enthusiasts to participate in this project.

Well i hope this project will succeed.


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